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Book II of the Codex Arcanum series, CRYPTOZOOLOGY FOR BEGINNERS, has a release date. The sequel to Sorcery for Beginners will be on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere on …

MAY 14, 2019!!

This is the first sequel I’ve written, and it was a ton of fun. Six weeks after Trish, Owen, and Perry defeated Virgil Ferretti and the Euclideans, the teenage sorcerers are called back into action when they discover that the world’s cryptids (aka magical creatures) are disappearing.



They’re partnered with tough team leader Jacinda Greyeyes and their former nemesis Bryan Ferretti in a mission to rescue the world’s cryptids such as the jackalope, the chupacabra, the unicorn, and the Sphinx. Along the way, they uncover secrets that threaten to divide them, and lead to a truth that will permanently upend the way the world sees sorcery.

Like the first book, this will be part novel, part help guide, and 110% magical adventure. This time around, each chapter will feature a page about specific cryptids and their characteristics. I had a great time researching magical creatures and deciding which ones would go in the book. And once again, we’ll have accompanying illustrations provided by the talented and ever-so-patient Juliane Crump.

But because the release is still nine months away, I wanted to provide people with something to tide them over. So in a month or so, I’ll be putting out a digital-only, six chapter novelette that connects Sorcery to Crypto. It stars one of our new characters, Jacinda Greyeyes, and affords a look at some previously unseen locales, such as a top-secret Euclidean center, the resting place of the magical sword Jokulsnaut, and the temple home of a fire elemental. If people enjoy it, I’ll do some more Codex Arcanum ‘Case Files’ to fill out the universe.

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